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  1. 04/15/09

    Dear Jeff,
    Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate all the time & effort you put into your various websites, Doombuggies being my favorite! Your love for Disney is really sincere, and extremely evident, a man after my own heart.

    Disney could do worse then to hire you for their advertising and or graphics departments.

    After our interactions through facebook I thought I wold like to share with you my Disney background a bit (it is kind of unusual).

    I grew up in various areas of Orange County California, (Huntington Beach, Garden Grove). It was while we lived in Garden Grove (Harbor & Lampson in the tract behind the McDonald's there). That my real love of Disney began. I had been a few times previous to living there, but being so close, we tended to go alot more, and this was before annual passes (but admission was cheaper so fair trade there.) In fact I still have a ton of ticket books left. I have some framed and matted on my wall (E-ticket intact).

    On weekends my 3 sisters and I would take the bus with out mother up to the park and trade tickets and go on the rides. It was our weekend thing to do. Unfotunately, as you will see I really wish I had kept track of how many times I had gone as a child. When I was 11 I started collecting Disney memorabila diligently. I had boxes full of maps, schedules from the park, and anything else I could find napkins from restaurants, souvenir cups, even a book of pressed leaves I had picked up from various area of the park. I was hooked.

    In High Schol I went alot but not every weekend. When I headed off to college (UCI) I moved from home to an aprtment with my friend Pat. Pat worked at Disneyland hotel in a band at what was then Sgt. Preston's Yukon Saloon, now gone sadly! We would go to the park every single night we could. It used to be at Great moments with Mr. Lincoln & the Walt Disney story they had a guest book that visitors could sign. Every night we would sign them and out the number of our visit. The books have long since disappeared (would love to get my hands on one). But the last time I signed was 2,221 I remember it vividly. Was before I moved to San Diego, and could not go as often as I wanted.

    I have been many times since, but always a different feeling then the good ole days. I wish I had kept track of my child hood visits to add to the count which is currently sitting at 2,250. I live much farther away (Help me! lol!). In Rexas these days but I get back when I can. In 2006 I took my 3 daughters to the park for their first time, was magica l all over again. In 2007 my wife and I had our anniversary there sans children, another experience altogether. And as you know my wife & I also playtest for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean online game, so it never stops, yay!

    My love for Disney stays with me always our house looks like the Disney store with characters hanging from the ceiling on fishing line. Glass cases full of Disneyana, and display shelves with my many Disney dolls (lol I actually have more dolls then my daughters. ha!) I have in our bedroom painted a 4 1/2 foot Tinker Bell on our walls as it is my wife;s favorite character. My daughters rooms are done in princesses and their shared bathroom done in Nemo/Little Mermaid. Our living room floor is covered in Tinkerbell carpet, and one wall of our bedroom is 5 shelves which hold every disney movie made., including the collectors tin editions. Our computer scren saver is all disney images I have collected over the years, pictures, scans, art from the internet, modified art etc. I think Kristen would have a cow if she saw all the Disney we have displayed in our home, LOL!

    But I think my intrinsic love for Disney, came as therapy for me. My father was not a good person, my mother did the best she could under his tyrannical rule. He seemed to go out of his way to make us all miserable. Our trips to DL were the ointment for this, and has remained so for every not so pleasant issue in my life. When things go bad - Go to Disneyland! And in all these years it has never failed me. After I had to divorce my first wife for having an affair, I took a trip to DL and made a stop at Snow White's wishing well, and I made a wish. About 2 years later I met my current wife Gayle, my wish came true. I got my happily ever after, with the most wonderful woman (who also loves Disney).

    Sorry to ramble & drag out the story, but I know your great love of Disney stems from something too, maybe post it someday. I kinda hope this helps you understand the person who keeps pestering you on Facebook! A fellow Disneyholic!

    Christopher Chance
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
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    I just wanted to say how much I love Doombuggies and Tellnotales! They are some of my favorite websites. I also love the podcast. Keep up the good work!
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    I have to give you a Kudos here. This site is one of the best that I've ever seen. Very dramatic color and well thought out design. It's an example of great work.


    Reply from Mousetalgia Jeff:

    Thanks for the really kind words! I hope we can grow Mousetalgia into a fun place over the next few months. Thanks for checking in.
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    No problem !! Anything I can help with !!!!

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